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The Freedom 1st Retirement Podcast is a podcast solely devoted to helping pre-retirees and retirees retire right by sharing their expertise and insights.  Join Darrin McComas, Chief Investment Officer and Shon Peil, author of The Retirement Shield book.  Tune in as Darrin and Shon discuss the latest financial tools to help carry you to and through a secure and enjoyable life in retirement.  They also discuss the latest economic and stock market data and how it can impact your retirement savings.  There are several ways below to listen to and watch The Freedom 1st Retirement Podcast so click on the links below and don't forget to subscribe:

Freedom 1st Retirement Podcast
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Episode #8: Pivot, Pivot, Pivot - The Bulls are Trapped



Episode #7: The Santa Rally is Dead



Episode #6: The Recession is Here



Episode #5: The Fed Pivot Narrative



Episode #4: Inflation and the Effects on the Markets



Episode #3: Estate Planning in Retirement

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Episode #2: Maximizing Social Security


Episode #1: Welcome to the Freedom 1st Retirement Podcast