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Shon Peil

Retirement Coach & Founder of Retirement + (Expert Consultant to Abraham & Co.)

Shon has been coaching insurance agents and financial advisors on the subject of retirement investing for nearly 20 years. Through his own experience in the insurance industry he recognized that a very different and holistic approach was needed to effectively address issues facing retirees in our modern and complex financial system.

Shon's response to these challenges became known as the Retirement Shield process, which is now used by advisors all over the country to fill the huge gaps he observed in the traditional retirement investment process used by most brokers and advisors. Tax strategies, capital preservation, social security options, and estate planning comprise just some of the areas addressed in Shon's Retirement Shield process. 

Shon's top priority is for each client to have a clear understanding of where they want to go and then show them how to apply modern technology and strategies to get them there.

Shon Peil is a recognized expert in structuring insurance products to provide modern portfolios (mainly for retirees) with a level of capital preservation and asset protection not found in traditional, market-based portfolios. He and his firm, Retirement + are not "fiduciary advisors" and are not legally or financially affiliated with Abraham & Co.

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